If your company is in the business of selling products, it is worth investigating the benefits of sourcing some or all of these directly from the global manufacturing hub China.

Sales, Sales, Sales is what you need to keep your business successful. Australian Global Sourcing gives you back the time to concentrate on the core of your business by finding the best buying option for you.

In the current economic environment you need to be competitive in the market place, and strategic sourcing will make a difference.

So "go direct and save!"

Level 1

This solution is simple, just provide the specifications of the product you require and Australian Global Sourcing will track down the best manufacturer for you..

Level 2

This solution is for the customer who wants to control production and factory output in China personally. Our staff will find the most appropriate manufacturers, verify their capability to deliver and organise a meeting when you are ready to visit. Australian Global Sourcing listens to your needs and upon your arrival in China we will assist you by arranging a guide and interpreter along with any other assistance you require.

Level 3

We have the people and resources to ensure we will secure you the best deal in a timely manner.

In the past only large companies have been in a position to take advantage of these savings, now we can offer you the same advantage.

With our assistance you too can achieve dramatic savings.


 So what’s next.....Contact Australian Global Sourcing Pty Ltd

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